10 Reasons Why Running on A Treadmill is Better


Recently, we got asked the question "Is it better to run on pavement, or a treadmill? " And since there have been many mixed reviews and sensitive debates, I've decided to gather some research, and deliver a few facts.

-Let me just start off by saying that sure, it's a pleasure being outside and enjoying the sun. But when it comes to running, it's pretty clear that you could break your body down fast, if not kept in good conditional form! So let's cover exactly 10 reasons why running on a treadmill, is much more beneficial for you than taking the road. 

1)Biometrical Stress

With no natural bounce like you get from a treadmill, you risk the potential of being out from shin splints, IT band syndrome, or patellofemoral pain! Some of the soft tissue conditioning that occurs with road running, does not occur with a treadmill. Simply because the plate, or base, gives more than road surfaces. 


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running is better

2)Increase of Speed

A treadmill's belt assists on what's called "leg turnover", which allows you to run faster, and at a more comfortable & consistent speed. And who doesn't strive for that enhancement factor in speed? 


3)Weather Set-Backs

You don't always find it convenient to leave the house and go running outside, simply because of the weather conditions. Sometimes it's down-pouring, too humid, 104 degrees(or both). Maybe a snow storm, or ice storm is underway.

Having a regular workout routine is practical for athletes, and weather conditions can re-direct your workout schedule, possibly turning it towards the downslope. And when it comes to cardio, you never want to put running on the back burner. Having a treadmill at home is a win-win, no matter the weather condition.


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

4)Safer Than Running In a Neighborhood

The Anderson Cooper's analysis says that there are a total of 800,000 missing persons per year (more than 2,000 per day). A good majority of kidnappings take place on the street, as someone goes for a night jog, and doesn't come back. That may sound scary, but it's the world we live in. So if you're running on a treadmill at home, it decreases the odds of it being you who's turning up missing(can't guarantee break-ins though.. Lock your doors!)


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

5)Easier To Monitor Your Distance

When challenging yourself to become faster, or even just increase your body's capability to scale longer endurance runs, it's important to monitor your performance. A treadmill does that for you, giving you convenience to look at your LCD screen, and see how far you've come along. Tracking your distance is crucial for documenting your physical growth, which is crucial to increasing your physical stamina. 


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

6)Control Your Exact Speed

You can't tell exactly how fast you are running on the road, or even a hiking trail. Knowing your MPH can be valuable, not only for an athlete, but for anyone who has set their fitness goals in a driven sense. Luckily, you can control your exact speed on a treadmillwhich allows you to scale your physical build in a steady, safe, and smart manner. 

Let's say you start your warmup, walking with a speed between 3.5 and 4.0 for 7 minutes. Then you gradually increase to a light, and consistent jog at a 4.5-5.0 speed, for about 10 minutes. Then comes your run, then the cool down... the point is you need to manage it.

Managing your workouts is KING! It is the fastest, and safest way to build successful results. Going and "winging it" shouldn't even be an option. You think running at random times, random distances, and random speeds is manageable? The simple answer is NO!


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

7)Track Your Heart Rate

When you keep track of your heart rate, you will be able to ensure safety of your workout. Here is a heart-rate-safe chart, provided by The American heart association.


If you go beyond the normal range, you are going beyond the safety parameters of your workouts. Most treadmills can easily monitor your heart rate, which is crucial to keep it beating at a safe rate. Especially critical for the elderly, or those with current or previous heart conditions. 


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

8)Never Miss Your Favorite Shows

It sure stinks when your scheduled run, overlaps the new episode of Game of Thrones, and you know that spoilers are all over Facebook. But you don't have to leave the house at all with a treadmill, so no need to sacrifice that pleasure! 

Enjoying entertainment while running, has also been proven to distract your mind from the pain. So instead of thinking "keep going, keep going." Your mind will be on "Oh no, John Snow".


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

9)Family Convenience

Having a treadmill at home, allows you to talk to your spouse, or monitor your kids, all while being able to get some cardio in your day. I mean, you can't exactly leave a 5 year-old alone with a 3 year-old.. 


Exercise Earth - 10 reasons why running on a treadmill is better for you

10)Count Those Calories Leaving You

A wrist watch calorie counter, such as a V4 Fit, isn't a horrible accessory to own. But a treadmill gives you a very accurate calorie burn-rate, based off distance, speed, heart rate, and age all on an LCD screen in-front of you.

Having a weight-loss goal is something not only you, but everyone keeps in mind while working out. Watching & counting those calories burn right in-front of your eyes, makes you not only feel more accomplished, but also makes you feel more confident, and in-control of your life!

 It's clear that there are many reasons why owning and running on a treadmill, is much more beneficial than running on the road. The question you may still have is, "What type of treadmill should I invest in?" Speaking for myself, I am someone who likes to buy something once, and not having to keep blowing money on a new item, only because my last one broke. Sure you can get a treadmill for a few hundred dollars, but expect them to last for only a few years. I'll leave a link below on a variety of treadmills, both low-end, and high. All trusted, and built to last!

Treadmills(starting at $699)

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