16 Benefits of Resistance Bands


Using bulky, heavy weights may challenge the body to pack on muscle mass, but at what cost? Joint pain? Soreness from muscular overload? Nerve damage from improper form? Or perhaps permanent damage from dropping a weight on yourself.. Regardless, weight lifting may have it's perks, but you always have to keep in mind that the risk, isn't always worth the reward.

So why resistance bands? Why have they been sweeping the stage in yoga and bodybuilding? Well the rewards come with no risk, and in this article, we'll cover the 16 benefits of resistance bands, and why you should start using them if you aren't already.

1) Improves Balance

  There's a reason why these are so popular in yoga, and pilates training. The stability your muscles adapt to, makes them more prone to grounding center of balance. For example, if you're doing arm curls with the resistance band underneath your foot, the opposite foot will naturally ground itself, in order to get the most force out of each rep.

2) Reduces the Occurrence of Sarcopenia

  As we get older, we experience sarcopenia, which is the loss of muscle tissue as a side affect of aging. Now we may not be able to stop aging, but we can take precautions in slowing down the effects. Resistance band training is a great way to keeping your body toned, in shape, and feeling young!


3) Greater Bone Health

  After you reach the age of 30, you start to loose bone density at a small percentage each year. Resistance training creates force on the bone and helps it stay strong. Your body cares about survival, not looking cute in a bikini – it has to adapt to survive so it’ll get stronger and bones will get stronger to endure these forces.

4) Reduces Risk of Diabetes

  Research communities are recognizing that cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and cancer aren’t as likely to occur with regular resistance training. They say running is good for your heart, your brain, your waistline and your mental health. That applies to resistance training as well!

5) No Joint Pain From Workouts

  Lifting bulky weights puts a lot of pressure on the joints, as you may have notice if you've lifted in the past. Your joints tend to become so sore, that you can't think of anything else. Resistance bands use only the right amount of pressure your body & joints can handle, so you don't become over worked! Keeping your joints in good condition, will not only benefit you in the short run, but will benefit you in the long run. 


6) Lightweight

  One of the perks of using resistance bands vs. weights, is that you don't have to bend over, and pick up a 50 lb dumbbell to just do a few reps. Most resistance bands weigh no more than a few ounces, but can deliver the pressure of 10-100 lb. Now talk about convenient!


7) No risk of Injury

  OOPS! You dropped a resistance band on your foot! Did you feel it? Probably not... But if that were a 40 lb dumbbell, you'd probably end up in the hospital, and perhaps having your foot casted for a couple months. Want to slow down your physical progress? Well dropping a weight on your foot sure will do the trick. Want to Speed up that progress? Stick to resistance bands! 


8) Increases Muscle Stability

  You know that shaky feeling you get, when holding a position in a strength-training rep? Half way in a push-up, your arms start wobbling to make it through. That's because your muscles need stabilizing to have proper form, and keeping your movement steady. Keeping that steadiness will prevent pulling a muscle, or straining one at that. Resistance band training keeps a steady motion, while still maximizing your muscle's potential in building strength. 


9) Increases Strength

  One would think that you need heavy weights to build muscle mass, but that's not at all the case. Amino acids can repair & structure torn muscle tissues into different types of muscle, that being skeletal and smooth muscle. Resistance training helps build thin layers of skeletal muscle, which is the core foundation of your strength. Lifting weights focuses on building blocks of smooth muscle, which may be faster, but is also faster to loose when non-active.


10) Portable

  Can you put a weight bench in your pocket? How about a dumbbell? I wouldn't attempt it.. But resistance bands can be placed in your jacket, jeans, center console of your car, a purse, a backpack.. heck, why not wear them like a belt when not in use(kidding of course). Point it, they are easily portable, making them just that much more convenient when keeping your strength training routine in check!


11) Boosts Metabolism & Fat Loss

  Regular resistance training not only strengthens the muscles, but also gives you a cardiovascular boost! This enhances your metabolism, and helps you burn fat fast! I wouldn't suggest to go forward eating just pizza & brownies, but to keep in mind that constancy is key in sculpting your body's form, and resistance training has that consistent flow of low-impact, yet effective weighted pressure.

12) Regulates Insulin, and Lowers Inflammation

    Along with keeping away chronic disease, resistance training has you burning through glucose, which is great for those grappling with type 2 diabetes, and needing to regularly manage blood sugar levels.

Resistance training also aids in fighting off inflammation, which is a marker tied to multiple diseases. Studies have suggested that regular resistance training sessions about twice a week, resulted in drops in inflammation in overweight women.

13) Improves Posture

  As Mom use to say, "Sit straight young man(lady)!" As we're all guilty of hunching over at our desks, or standing un-centered. And what good does that do? Well nothing, but it does a lot of bad for our hips, knees, and back. But as we mentioned before, resistance band training stabilizes our muscles, aligns our balance, and increases our posture.


14) Increases Mood Levels

  Loosing weight, increasing metabolism, having good posture, good health, why else would you not feel better about yourself? It's like the saying goes "Strong body, strong mind, strong spirit." And when we strengthen one, the others fall into place. Having confidence in your body, the vehicle that transports your personality, will only enhance your mood. Remember that feeling strong, will give you power!


15) Helps Your Sleep

  Who doesn't like to sleep better? Those who aren't active, tend to have poor circulation, and get less oxygen to the brain. Besides the aesthetic, physiological and strength benefits, resistance training affects just how we feel and how clearly we think. Resistance band training has proven to improve the quality of a person’s sleep. So do you want to start sleeping better at night?


16) Increases Endurance

  As you gradually train with resistance bands, your muscles can last longer from the enhanced stability. This allows your body to go longer, and withstand being pushed to an extra level. Doing squats, leg lifts, and other leg exercises with resistance bands, will make other activities like running, a walk in the park.



So what do you find more beneficial, weights or resistance bands? As we listed above, there are plenty of reasons why people are dropping the weights(not on their feet), and switching to resistance bands. Need some for yourself? We'll provide a link below, so you select from a varieties of weight pressure, to make the most out of your workouts, and help capitalize on your fitness goals!


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