6 Things Your Home Gym Needs


One of the toughest battles people who want to get fit face every day is whether they’re going to hit the gym. Getting to the nearest gym to train can be time-consuming and is an easy excuse to skip out. A home gym eliminates the need for transport and helps you make use of your time efficiently. Of course, the next question is this: What do I need in my home gym?

A home gym is convenient, cost-effective, and one of the best investments you can make in your health. Furthermore, you don’t need a lot of space to build your own. Achieve your fitness goals by building a gym in the comfort of your own home. Start with these essentials.

6 Things to Add to Your Home Gym

1. Yoga Mat

yoga mat

This home gym essential is not just a yoga mat — it’s also a teacher. An excellent option for beginners, the BalancePal yoga mat comes with 22 printed poses to help you tackle your yoga session. No more checklists, no more yoga apps. All you need to do is to follow the guide.

This yoga mat is designed with seven symmetrical lines running between the seven chakras, which you can use as a guide to position your torso. It also has horizontal lines where you can place your hands and feet.

Use this home gym essential to execute various poses perfectly and to manage your time efficiently. Non-slip and made from environmentally safe synthetic material, this yoga mat is a perfect addition to your home gym. It even comes with a free carrying bag!

2. Elastic Strap With Grip Loops

grip strap with loops

Track your stretching progress with the help of the yoga elastic strap, designed with multiple grip loops (and not just for yogis!). This home gym tool doesn’t need any adjusting so you don’t have to stop and change the setting to accommodate different stretches.

Perfect for beginners, this elastic strap can help you attain greater mobility and flexibility and is perfect for a variety of stretching exercises. The reliable strap can also be used for physical therapy. Featuring a premium cotton grade construction, this strap is exceptionally sturdy to endure constant wear and tear and serve you for years.

76 inches long and crafted with 10 independent stretching loops, this home gym essential will help you target most muscles and improve your overall fitness.

3. Balance Ball

balance ball

A gym balance ball can be used in a variety of applications. Whether you’re aiming to improve your flexibility, strengthen core muscles, or improve your balance, this home gym essential raises the level of your workout.

For instance, doing a traditional bicep curl with a stability ball turns this isolation exercise into a full body workout. It works a number of muscle groups and makes your exercises more challenging and fun.

The gym balance ball can also be used for a number of stretching exercises and is an excellent tool for easing back pain. The workouts you can execute with the help of this home gym essential are endless. Affordable, useful, and sturdy, this one is definitely a must-have.

4. 6-Pack Ab Wheel

ab wheel

Are you aiming for six-pack abs? If your answer is a big YES, then the ab wheel is perfect for you. An effective tool for building core strength, this wheel is designed to help improve your abdominals and lower back strength while decreasing the risk of muscular injury.

Perfect for all fitness levels, this tool is built with a single giant wheel to help enhance stability during exercise. Made with high-quality plastic, it's exceptionally durable and safe to use. To minimize hand fatigue, this ab wheel is equipped with foam handles.

Designed for use on any floor type, this convenient exercise equipment is built with a reliable non-slip rubber wheel. For added convenience, it's light and easy to pack away.

5. Gliders Slide Discs

gliders slide discs

Another helpful and affordable home gym tool are slide discs. This excellent workout equipment can help move your standard exercise to the next level.

Use your sliders to glide your feet and pull your knees to your chest while in the high plank position to raise the difficulty of your exercise, or you can use this home gym tool to slide your feet apart as you squat to make regular squats more challenging.

Incorporate sliders into your normal workout routine to create new moves and to improve the efficiency of your exercise.

6. Resistance Band Set

resistance bands set

Great for improving bone and joint function as well as muscle, tendon, and ligament strength, this resistance band set is an effective workout tool. It can also be used for doing aerobic exercises and for flexibility and balance drills.

Durable and useful for a variety of applications, this versatile home gym piece will help you reach your fitness goals. This set also comes with a portable storage bag.

All of these pieces offer endless exercises that will work your whole body, from head to toe. You don’t need to spend thousands of dollars on equipment to work on your fitness. A few simple pieces will cover your needs.

Setting up a home gym is a convenient way to stay fit and healthy on your own terms. It’s also cost-efficient. Achieve your fitness goals at your own pace and in your own time, in an environment you’re comfortable with. Create your own home gym today.

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