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Shaping the world, one rep at a time.

Exercise Earth delivers on all your fitness needs, whether it's yoga, bodybuilding, boxing, swimming, running, or even meditating, "We can spot you!"

One of the coolest features we have to offer, is the rewards program. Who likes to get free products, after earning an X amount of points? I sure do! The items we give away, have values of $60+. For instance, lets say you earn 1000 points. You'll be given an acupressure massager, with an acupressure pillow, FOR FREE in exchange of those points earned!

How about another example, lets say you earn 300 points. You can get a 30% off coupon, for not just one item, but for your entire cart! That can mean saving $600 on some treadmills, and then some if you're also buying water bottles, yoga mats, or a Fitness Tracker. That's shopping smart, and saving big!

It's not the kind of thing you hear other retail outlets doing for their customers, mostly because big corporations are in it for profit, and only for the profit. We are in this to build long-last relationships, and create fitness communities that can support one another. Discounts and gifts are things everybody loves!

That's what #ShapingTheWorld means to us!

Aside from the varieties of fitness gear, we also carry the most popular active wear, for both men and ladies! Regardless if they're compression shirts, compression socks, knee sleeves, yoga socks, yoga gloves, yoga pants, or a nice durable pair of lifting gloves. Your active wear won't be forgotten about, while doing your shopping at Exercise Earth.

  • So what about the performance support gear?

We want to get the world in shape, yes, but we also want it done safely, and effectively. We made sure to keep the best training belts, wrist straps, and footwear in stock. We need your training to be done right, and with reduced risks of injury. Nobody likes being out for a week or two, because their back gave out!

It's time to get your body into shape, while earning rewards in the process! Don't know where to begin? Or maybe you want easy navigation? We provide a category list below for you!


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