11-in-1 Multifunctional Military Grade Wallet Knife

$39.95 USD
$19.95 USD


Multi Functions:
1. Can opener: The bottom hook used with the upper edge, to easily open tin cans.
2. Live wrench: A hollow groove strip, you can squeeze any items with flat turnbuckle.
3. Sawtooth: Double staggered sawtooth, used to cut wood branches and to remove the scales.
4. Keyhole: This card can be hung on the key ring.
5. Positioning wrenches: Two different types of Hexagon wrenches.
6. Direction Indicator: With 16 accurate scales in different directions.
7. Positioning Wrench: Four different types of Hexagon Wrenches, suitable for average size nuts and bolts.
8. Ruler: Metric scale, minimum scale to mm.
9. Bottle screwdriver: For bottle cap opening.
10. Screwdrivers: In the corner of the card (in this place can increase the strength of the mechanics and more effort), can be used for usual screws.
11. Lateral Knife: Sharp blade, used to cut the rope and other things.
Warning: This saber card is Steel sharp hard objects, Please be careful when carrying or using

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