3 Hand Exercisers with Increasing Resistance for Forearm, Finger and Wrist Training

$19.99 USD
  • NON SLIP HAND GRIP EXERCISER: Our hand grip strengtheners come in Light, Medium and Heavy resistances from 20lb to 50lbs. Increase your hand grip and hand strength whether you are a beginner these are perfect for everyone from kids to seniors
  • INCREASE STRENGTH WITH CROSSFIT GRIPS: Grip strength trainer is nonslip and can be used as a strengthener for CrossFit. Gymnastics hand grips are a great hand exerciser for any gymnast looking to for a wrist workout or hand workout with adjustable weight choices
  • WRIST EXERCISER FOR CARPAL TUNNEL: Hand strengthener can help with injury rehabilitation or therapy for carpal tunnel. Hand grippers can also help with pain or prevent arthritis relieve symptoms of tendonitis and rheumatoid arthritis and aid recovery from a fracture of the hand
  • PORTABLE AND FLEXIBLE EXERCISER: Hand exerciser are great yoga accessories or finger stretcher for musicians. Adjust to fit small or large hands for women or men. Grip trainers and small and light to carry with you or just use at home
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