5Pcs Space Marker Cones

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Why use cones for training?

You can improve your athleticism for a wide variety of sports by doing cone drills, which involve placing small plastic cones in various positions around a court or a field. You can run from cone to cone in a pattern conducive to improving speed, agility, power and endurance. The placement of the cones and the pattern you run can vary widely, thus increasing your body's ability to adapt to the fast-paced environment of sports.

Muscle power is equal to work done over a given period of time and is often referred to in athletics as explosive strength. You can increase your muscle power with cone exercises. Setting up cones on progressively higher platforms and explosively jumping over them is an example of a power-building exercise. These types of cone exercises enhance athletic performance in activities such as the high jump and the long jump in track and field. 

Endurance is your body's ability to exert itself over a long period of time. Having muscular and cardiovascular endurance can help you maintain a high level of intensity over a long duration, such as during a sporting event. You can increase both your muscular endurance and cardiovascular endurance by interval training with cones. Interval training involves setting up cones progressively further apart from one another and running back and forth between them with little to no rest in between. Endurance training is most beneficial for athletes who compete in endurance sports, such as triathletes.