Energy Balancing System - 7 Chakra Gem Stone Necklace

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Do you love to meditate, practice yoga, or just enjoy the calming therapy of balancing your energy?

Our energy centers get blocked quite frequently, whether we realize it or not. Misbalances of your energy centers can prevent hormones from releasing naturally from the glands, causing different emotional side affects, that lead to decreasing your physical state. That is why so many yoga, and meditation enthusiasts often wear multiple colors. Every color resonates its own frequency of energy, thus aiding ones chakras in generating energy efficiency

Wearing an Energy Balancing System helps channel all frequencies of energy to the body. 

  • Resonates every frequency of energy, by displaying the major 7 chakras accurately aligned.
  • Made with lightweight alloy metal, so you're not weighed down by over-the-top heavy jewelry.
  • Perfect for any yoga, meditation, or energy channeling enthusiasts.
    • *Makes for a great gift
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