Aluminum Alloy Sling-shot

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$19.95 USD

Do you love good old fashion hunting? Or maybe just want to have some fun target practice!

 Bows and arrows, throwing knives and guns, all have their perks, but you don't necessarily bring them along with you on a camping trip. Not to mention you'll need a weapons permit to purchase and use a gun, and then ammo get expensive quick.. It's not like you can just use stones for ammo...

But with an Aluminum Alloy Slingshot, you certainly can!

  • Great tool to keep with you on a camping trip, a hike, or hunting expedition.
  • Out of ammo? Simple grab 2 oz rocks on the ground, as they make great trajectories. 
  • Great for hunting rabbits, hairs, non-endangered birds, and other small rodents. 
  • Durable, yet extremely lightweight, so you can transport it anywhere without causing damage.!
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