Ankle Straps for Cable Machines and Resistance Band

$22.99 USD
  • MAXIMIZE YOUR RESULTS - Whether you are an absolute beginner or a fitness lover, these ankle straps for cable machines are perfect for you. Featuring one reinforced D-ring, these ankle straps attachment is easy to connect to cable machines and helps you tone your glutes in maximum comfort!
  • SAFETY AND COMFORT - Pushing your body to the limits gets you the best results if you do it safely. Their strong velcro, double stitching, and thick, soft neoprene padding make them the safest and most comfortable cuff strap on the market.
  • TWICE THE EFFICIENCY - Do you like to stop in the middle of your workout to switch the strap between ankles? We believe it is not only disruptive but time-consuming, so we offer you two ankle straps for cable machines for faster, amazingly efficient workouts!
  • LIMITED TIME BONUSES - When you buy your workout ankle straps today, you will receive a medium resistance band, one waterproof carry bag, and a video tutorial that teaches you how to get the most of your weightlifting ankle strap.

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