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Do you want more than just a yoga mat?

Most yoga mats may be somewhat comfortable, but do they guide you? Are you 100% certain that your warrior poses are aligned? What about the triangle pose? Are your feet perfectly symmetrical to prevent imbalance? Can you remember all the poses you want to do, without grabbing your yoga book to flip through a pose checklist?   Our Exclusive BalancePal is not just a Yoga Mat, but it's your ultimate guide to perfect symmetry, and effective time management!    ✅ 22 printed poses, spread across the edges, so you can manage your yoga sessions more efficiently.   ✅ Non-slip, environmentally safe synthetic material, so you can be confident your poses won't have any interruptions.   ✅ 1 perfectly symmetrical line vertically down the center, to help you get the best alignment, and stay in complete control of your standing poses.   ✅ 7 symmetrical lines running between the 7 chakras, so you can align your torso on the vertical, while placing your hands & feet along the horizontals.   ✅ Beautiful chakras of our nervous system completely laid out, so you can harness those resonated frequencies of color, into dense channeled energies! ✅ Large flower of life print on the end, to create an innovative, powerful touch!   ✅ There's a saying that goes with this is item... "it's not just a yoga mat" because it's a guide, a teacher, and a tool. To not only help yoga students all around the globe, but empower yoga instructors to keep their posture perfected.   🔥BONUS: We Throw in the yoga mat carrying bag for FREE. A total value of $100, for only $69.95   NOTE: This is an Exercise Earth™ exclusive yoga mat, and cannot be found anywhere else!


.: Synthetic .: 3/16" thick .: ECO-PVC .: Solid green color left side
One Size
Width, in 25
Length, in 73
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