Boxing Speed Ball - Reflex Trainer

$19.95 USD
$10.99 USD


Do you want to increase your reflexes?

Reaction times can make all the difference not just for boxers, but for just about everyone. Hand/eye coordination is a primitive attribute to have, for almost every day to day activity. So what simple activity can one do, to keep a sharp eye, and reflexive mind?

Using the Boxing Speed Ball is the best option for training your reflexes, and becoming quicker than the rest!

  • Easy to use, one size fits all.
  • Wraps around your head with a snug fit.
  • 5 minutes of daily, use has proven to triple your reflex response time within the first month.
  • Small, lightweight, and easily portable. 
  • Perfect for anyone who has limited time between work, class, gym, or travel.
  • Takes up little, to no space in a gym bag, backpack, purse, or locker.
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