Compression Knee Sleeve

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Do your knees tend to give out at times? Or perhaps they're just sore after your long gym sessions.

Knee injuries are a major problem, in both sports and sports medicine all around the world. All too often we see blown ACLs, PCLs, MCLs, or torn cartilage in a variety of athletes. Lifting progressively heavier weight, literally grinds the kneecap onto itself, which often causes progressive tendonitis.

Compression knee sleeves can prevent those injuries from occurring.

  • Has heating effect for muscular recovery
  • Reduces inflammation, soreness, and stiffness.
  • Advanced anti-slip silicone provides stable compression during gym activities.
  • Alleviates pain from common conditions such as calf and Achilles tendon strains, calf cramps, and shin splints.
  • Can also be worn after activity as part of the recovery process from a run to decrease swelling and soreness in the foot, ankle, and lower leg.
  • Helps recover from pinched nerves in the back, which commonly are cause from "referred knee pain"
  • increases blood-flow
  • Helps surgery recovery, as well as runners and jumpers knee.
  • Decreases muscle & joint pain
  • Suitable for all amounts of activities, that involve a great amount of stress on the joints.

Package Includes: 1 knee Sleeve (Ordering 2x is recommended, one for each knee)

  • Material: Nylon, latex silk, spandex, Silicone
  • Weight: 0.15 lb
  • Sizes: 
    • S
      • 27cm Length
      • 15cm Upper Width
      • 13cm Down Width
      • 30cm - 34cm Leg Circumference
      • 27cm Length
      • 16cm Upper Width
      • 14cm Down Width
      • 35-41cm Leg Circumference 
    • L - 
      • 27cm Length
      • 17cm Upper Width
      • 15cm Down Width
      • 42-47cm Leg Circumference
    • XL - 
      • 27cm Length
      • 18cm Upper Width
      • 16cm Down Width
      • 48-55cm Leg Circumference
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