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Do your knees tend to give out at times? Or maybe they just hurt after a gym session.

Knee injuries are a major problem, in both sports and sports medicine all around the world. All too often we see blown ACLs, PCLs, MCLs, or torn cartilage in a variety of athletes. Lifting progressively heavier weight, literally grinds the kneecap onto itself, which often causes progressive tendonitis.

'Prestige Compression knee sleeves' will provide support for you knees, and prevent those injuries from occurring.

  • Has heating effect for muscular recovery
  • Reduces inflammation, soreness, and stiffness.
  • Advanced anti-slip silicone provides stable compression during gym activities.
  • Made of 8% spandex, 32% latex, and 60% nylon.
  • Alleviates pain from common conditions such as calf and Achilles tendon strains, calf cramps, and shin splints.
  • Can also be worn after activity as part of the recovery process from a run to decrease swelling and soreness in the foot, ankle, and lower leg.
  • Helps recover from pinched nerves in the back, which commonly are cause from "referred knee pain"
  • Increases blood-flow, which helps deliver better performance for your legs & glutes.
  • Helps surgery recovery, as well as runners and jumpers knee.
  • Greatly decreases muscle & joint pain. You won't want to workout without them!
  • Unlike other knee sleeves, this design has 2 elastic pressing bands, so you can apply your preferred compression.
  • Suitable for all amounts of activities, that involve a great amount of stress on the joints.

Package includes: 1x Knee Sleeve

Recommended to Purchase:  2x

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