Cycling Carbon Filtering Face Mask - Orange

$19.95 USD

Love cardio, but don't like running out of breath?

There's so much pollution in the air! You may not be able to see it, but it's there, and it affects your oxygen intake. When performing cardio exercises like running or cycling, it's crucial to breathe... A lot! Your blood, muscles, and brain depend on it! But it sure dampens your momentum, once you have to stop to catch your breath. Wish there was a way around it?

The Carbon Filtering Air Mask allows you to breathe in more air, at a much higher quality, which maximizes your cardio performance!

  • Filters all air pollution, allowing you to intake more oxygen to the body, and enhance your overall physical endurance
  • 100% Dust-proof
  • Enhances your breathing capabilities, as you're breathing in only high quality clean air.
  • Prevents dust, bugs, and debris from entering the mouth cavity.
  • Padded inside for extra comfort.
  • Made of lightweight, fine Neoprene Fabric.