Heart Cropped Leggings - High Waist Elastic Slim

$24.95 USD
$19.95 USD

 Do You Have a Heart Shaped Salt Shaker, But Need The Perfect Leggings to Match? 🍑

You'll see plenty of decent looking leggings at the legging store.. Some solid blue, black, gray, flower print... But wouldn't it be nice to have an original look to them? You've been blessed with a beautiful heart shape badonkadonk, so why not show it off in a breathtaking, yet classy way?

These Heart Cropped, high waist leggings are the ones you've been waiting for!

     ❤️Compliments your physique, giving you more confidence.

     ❤️Flexible nylon/polyester material, so your workouts don't have any limitations.

     ❤️Soft, comfortable fit, so they can be a perfect bedtime legwear.

     ❤️High-waist, slim design. Looks great for any casual occasion! 

*NOTE: Check size chart before placing your order!!!

Size Pant Length(cm) Waist (cm) Hip(cm)
Width  Width  Width
S 91 56 70
M 91 57 71
L 92 58 72
XL 92 59 73

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