Hip Bands - 3 Piece

$32.99 USD
  • FASTER RESULTS - 3 TIMES MORE BURN IN EACH EXERCISE - These hip band thickness and width enables maximal slingshot resistance that forces you to work much more intensively than with any other booty band. You'll be amazed at how it directly strengthen, sculpt, and tone your butt by engaging many of the deep muscles. 
  • UNIQUE COTTON + LATEX BLEND - The secret ratio between cotton and latex creates the most durable, SOFT-TOUCH and NON-SLIP booty band ever. Unlike other exercise bands which include rubber, our hip band stays flat and will not roll after a couple of uses nor lose its elasticity. Will never irritate your skin or rip your legs hair off as the cheap mini resistance bands do. Remember: A comfortable exercise band is a one you'll keep using FOR YEARS.
  • WORKOUT VERSATILITY: 3 resistance levels are designed for any type of workout, from warm-ups to high-intensity exercises: Squats, Cross Training, Yoga, Pilates, Deadlifts, Weightlifting, Powerlifting, Cross Fit, and Beach Body workouts.
  • HEALTHIER BALANCED BODY - The circle band improves hip and knee joint stabilization. This, in turn, improves overall body mechanics & movement efficiency during a workout. Daily used by physical therapists and personal trainers as injury prevention or rehabilitation tool.

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