Massage Ball Set

$39.99 USD
  • Product Benefits and Effects- Massage balls can provide targeted deep tissue massage helping to relieve sores and pains, release muscle tightness, enhance activities of daily living and restore bodily movement ability. Spiky massage balls are ideal tools suitable for a foot massage.
  • 5 in 1 Set- Comprising peanut massage ball, massage balls, and spiky massage balls. Different sizes and variety choices of massage balls help to get your body with best treatment effects.
  • No Harm to Health- Products are made of purely natural and environmentally friendly foam material. No unpleasant smell of plastic and it is nearly odorless. And the material enables the users to have a good hand touch feel and it is water resistant as well. Dirt on ball surface can easily be cleaned by liquid detergent together with warm water.
  • Professional Guidance- By the use of the attached guideline, even beginners are easy to understand how to use these products correctly. A free bag is offered to help the users to keep and carry massage balls conveniently.

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