The WristPal

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$49.95 USD

Tired of putting all the weight on your wrists?

It sure doesn't help your gains, when all the weight is being targeted on them. It's uncomfortable, and In most cases, you can blow them out completely. That could cause you to be gym-absent for quite some time, resulting in loss of all that progress you've worked so hard to gain!

The WristPal prevents that from happening!

It's not your typical industry standard long-band wrist strap, as there's no need to waist valuable minutes, tying straps around a barbell, just to perform one rep. The special design of The Wrist Buddy allows you to just grab the bar, and start lifting. No BS, no time waisted, just straight to the point! And that's what you deserve when going to the gym. Less time, more lifts, less risk of injury, and better results!

Weight StrapsWearing wrist straps while lifting, takes the weight off your wrists, and puts it on your back muscles, shoulders, legs, etc. Why ware down essential parts of the body, when you can target that weight to compliment other parts? It's the reason why you see so many bodybuilders train with them, and exactly why shouldn't do a rep without them!

Material: Leather, Nylon, Superfine fiber, Neoprene Leather Color: Black Strap Color Options:
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Orange
Size Chart: 
  • S - 16cm-18cm
  • M - 18cm - 22cm
  • L - 22cm - 24cm
Weight: .44 lb (3.52 OZ each strap)
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