Yoga Stretch Strap, Non-Elastic Exercise Band with 10 Loops

$19.99 USD
  • 100-percent-cotton
  • Made with 100% Pure Premium Quality Cotton. Comfortable and soft to the touch, yet firm and sturdy. It will not tear easily. It can withstand extremely high levels of force and tension when being pulled from various directions simultaneously. Your safety is important to us! So, our Yoga Strap is specially designed to ensure an excellent grip so that your hands and feet don't slip during intensive stretching.
  • Extra long at 6.6 feet, or 80 inches long and 1.5 inches wide, with multiple loops that are designed to fit your hands and feet perfectly to further increase your safety and comfort. Our comfortable Yoga Strap will help you maintain a strong grip without hurting your hands and feet no matter how tight you are pulling. Trusted and approved by physical therapists, it is ideal for stretching and exercising, rehabilitation, Pilates, dance and gymnastics.
  • Non-Elastic Yoga Strap is ideal and essential to Fix and Secure your stretching positions in order to reach maximum results in the long term. This way, you can hold your stretching positions more accurately and stretch your muscles correctly and safely. You can also increase and decrease the strength and tightness of your pull to adjust to your desired level of difficulty.
  • Multiple Loops allow you to practice a plethora of stretching and yoga positions to stretch various muscles of your body. Stretching greatly increases your flexibility. An increased range of motion, in turn, will help you avoid injuries and keep your body healthy.
  • With your purchase, you will have a Free Portable Bag to carry your Yoga Strap anywhere you want. Also, you will be given a Free Tutorial Guide providing you with all the basic stretching positions you need to know to get you started!
  • Please allow 1-4 weeks delivery time.
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  • Zero risk 30-day money back guarantee!
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